Client Reviews

Victoria stopped the prosecutor in her tracks and bought him some time.

– Sherry (5 star review)

I had a case where i had 3 misdemeanors on a traffic ticket and Victoria went to the court for me and turned them into an infraction which was a great thing for my case.

– Dogan, a DUI client (5 star review)

Victoria Clemans is a competent, knowledgeable, confident lawyer.

– C.J, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Ms. Clemans took the case very seriously and fought until the case was dismissed.

– Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

She was on top of the case and called me constantly to keep me posted.

– Charles, a Violent Crime client (5 star review)

I think she is a very good attorney. Very kind. Im happy she has taken my case. Im happy with the offer she got for me!

– Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

She really cared not only about how i felt but she also cared deeply about the case.

– J.C, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Vitoria for me was an excellent lawyer, my case was a not really hard case, but she was able to keep me calm.

– Domestic Violence client (5 star review)

Not once did she ever back away from a case even after receiving her fees, she kept me well informed, was always able to reach by phone.

– Car Accident client (5 star review)

When Victoria got the case, she had fingerprint and DNA testing that showed I didnt possess the gun the cops say I did. After a 6 day trial, I was found not guilty.

– Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Rockstar Kickbutt Lawyer! This was one of the hardest periods of my life and I would not have wanted to have handled it without Victoria Clemans by my side. She is ethical, hard working, motivated, passionate about her job and her clients, and tough, all while maintaining a sense of humor. Hire her. You wont regret it!

– Ms. Kia, a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Best lawyer period.

– J.C.