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Accusations of Rape

Has someone accused you of rape? Are you a teacher that has been accused of doing something illegal to a student? Or are you a student who has been accused by another student of rape or inappropriate touching? Heres what is on trend: Students at undergraduate colleges, graduate colleges and even post doctorate colleges are…


Being convicted of a felony has life-changing consequences. You may spend a long time in prison. Even if you avoid prison, a felony conviction stays on your record forever. It makes it difficult to get a job. Huge fines are often imposed that are difficult or impossible to pay. You may lose your family and…


It is very serious to be charged with or accused of misdemeanors in Los Angeles, CA. Attorney Victoria Clemans has had great success as a California Criminal Defense Misdemeanor Lawyer defending her clients against all types of misdemeanor offenses. Defending clients against misdemeanor charges in this county means helping them avoid up to a…


Attorney Victoria Clemans has helped thousands of criminal defense clients by negotiating for the best possible outcome when facing tough opposition in court during her Los Angeles, CA, legal career. Experience counts, and she has a winning track record of helping over 2,000 criminal defense clients deal with the justice system. Take all challenges to…

Domestic Violence

FACING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES? YOU NEED A STRONG ADVOCATE! Domestic Violence can be charged as a 273.5 (corporal injury to a spouse or co-habitant) or a 243(e)(1) domestic battery. The second being the lesser of the 2 evils but still not good. Either way, you DONT WANT THIS ON YOUR RECORD!! Many times when…

Petty Theft / Grand Theft

CAUGHT SHOPLIFTING? DONT BLOW IT OFF! A petty theft is merchandize stolen <$950, also known as a PC 484. It is prior able and involves moral turpitude or dishonestynearly impossible to expunge and employers hate it! We at the law offices of Victoria Clemans have handled many of these cases. We know how to…


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